At L’ACQUA, our team is dedicated to giving you the best spa experience. Our mission is to set the highest standard in nail care and provide exceptional customer service. To maintain hygienic standards:


  • Disposable pedicure liners, files, buffers, and pumice stones are provided for each client

  • All of our metal implements are STERILIZED after each client in a FDA approved autoclave system, a sterilizing machine used by medical doctors to effectively kill all bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi.

  • Wax sticks are never double-dipped. 


L’ACQUA offers a wide array of colors and services for you to choose from and use only the finest quality in spa products available. We are always up to date with the latest trends and techniques. Come and let our highly trained staff and technicians take care of your nails, skin, waxing, or lashes.